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how can we help?

We create services tailored to your needs and bring you into the 21st century with modern techniques of digital marketing. We specialise in marketing strategy, optimisation & execution across Facebook, Instagram & Google. At Sevecta Media before driving traffic we start with the foundations, we work with you to understand the inner workings of your business, target market and core products to form a strategic marketing plan that delivers your desired result.

Data is quickly becoming one of the most valuable commodities in the world which is why we understand the importance of tracking, analysing and making informed decisions from data. There has never been a better time to take advantage of Facebook, Instagram, and Google Ads than right now. This is because all 3 platforms have continually improved and developed cutting edge advertising options that have been proven time and time again to deliver amazing results.

Facebook & Instagram Ads

Most marketing agencies are sadly still using archaic and ineffective marketing methods & metrics such as ?likes? and ?impressions?, we see it ALL the time when we do our complimentary Advertising Assessments. Our process is different and is driven by data & feedback to create profitable marketing campaigns that focus on leads, customers and sales.

Getting more ?likes? may make you feel good for a second but creating campaigns that deliver actual paying customers to your business is what really makes things exciting.

All of our Facebook & Instagram Advertising campaigns are built strategically from the ground up and include:

  • Extensive Market Research
  • Offer Analysis
  • Landing Page Audit
  • Ad Strategy & Creative Design
  • Tracking & Analytics Setup
  • Ongoing Optimisation

We believe in an interactive approach to campaign development and we never consider a paid media campaign to be ?finished?. Rather, we strive to continuously analyse performance, refine existing campaign elements, introduce new target audiences and creative to improve performance. Innovation is key, with new Facebook and Google beta programs part of ongoing updates.

Creative edits, changes, and additions are undertaken throughout the life of the campaign to enhance performance and take into consideration any seasonal fluctuations specific to your business.?

Google Ads

Google Ads has the power to increase the overall traffic to your website. Many businesses do not have the resources to navigate through confusing data analysis, potentially wasted costs and complicated account interfaces.

This is where we come in.

We obsess about attention to detail, data analysis and the fast-moving science of turning online clicks into sales. But we also know that it is equally important to understand your business, think creatively; and to deliver clear reports and workable actions. Ultimately our work is focused on your results and your sustained success.

All of our Google Advertising campaigns are built strategically from the ground up and include:

  • Account setup/Optimisation
  • Keyword and competitor analysis.
  • Installation of google analytics
  • Keyword matching
  • Ad extensions
  • Ad Strategy & Creative Design
  • Geo-targeting
  • Position and bid management
  • Ongoing evaluation and optimisation
  • Support and reporting

Website Optimisation

True website optimisation is a data-driven process. Before we run traffic we will provide a hypothesis for changes. Once we launch our marketing campaign we will advise on changes to the landing page from understanding the marketing feedback and data. The fact of the matter is, pushing more traffic at a website that doesn?t work for your potential customers is a waste of money. Traffic is good. Traffic that converts is better.

This service goes hand in hand with running paid traffic as we will not run paid traffic without understanding the traffic destination.

This includes;

  • Audit & analysis video report
  • Clarification on your marketing goals
  • Breakdown of Hypothesis amends & iterations
  • KPI tracking & analysis
  • Performance video report


Why Sevecta Media?

There are to many agencies offering the world and getting no results, it’s one the reasons why we set up Sevecta Media and made it my mission to help more people with marketing….the right way.?

How do I know If this will work for me?

Firstly, fill out this Advertising Assessment and book a Discovery Call with one of my team. On the call we will run through your answers and really try to understand your business and your marketing objectives.

I know nothing about marketing & don't know if I should try it?

On our Discovery Calls we can deep dive into your business and advise you on the best next steps. We will either outline how we can help or point you in the right direction…..we always want to help.?

How much will it cost?

All our campaigns are unique to your business, once we understand you requirements we will provide you with a detailed quote for our services.?

Why Facebook, Instagram & Google Ads?

Firstly it?s where your ideal target market is.?If your target market isn?t on Facebook, then we can reach them on Instagram and if they?re not on Instagram, then we can reach them on Google.

Secondly these platforms provide fast, trackable, and measurable results.

How quickly will I see a return on investment? (ROI)

The great thing about digital marketing is the results are fast, trackable & measurable. As soon as we launch we can start measuring for an ROI and scale campaigns accordingly. At Sevecta Media we like to launch campaigns as soon as possible to start collecting data and making adjustments.?



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