Step 1: Website audit

Any Digital Marketing Agency in Manchester will explain to you why this step is essential. We will first need to know your strengths and weaknesses. To get to where you want to be, you must understand where you are at the moment. We often do both technical and content audits on your site. The former aims to identify various elements on your site that can reduce performance and lead to a poor user experience. And we do a content audit to identify content gaps based on your audience’s needs. With the resulting report, it will then be easier to develop an effective SEO strategy, which fixes all the errors and boosts both the site and business performance. Simple, right?

Step 2: Fixing technical SEO errors

SEO is not content alone. The speed of your website, crawl errors, internal and external linking structure and the navigational experience of users can impact the overall ranking of your site in search results. Our job as the top SEO Agency in Manchester is to locate these technical errors and fix them for you. By increasing the speed of your site, for example, you will have more traffic since 53% of customers will bounce if it takes more than 3 seconds for the site to load. Moreover, fixing your site interlinking structure will help guide search engine crawlers to the most resourceful content.

Step 3: Keyword research

We know you already have valuable content on your site. However, you need to optimize any piece of content around keywords that your customers are already searching for. How can you know what they are looking for? Well, that’s what we will do here – keyword research. Remember, this is not merely collecting a bunch of phrases but undertaking an in-depth analysis of the chosen keywords. Using tools, we are able to know the difficulty of ranking a particular keyword. We can also give a list of keywords to target and rank fast based on your industry.

Step 4: Developing a content plan

Nothing makes the creation of high-quality content more consistent than having a well-thought-out content plan. We do this daily for our Digital Marketing clients in Manchester. Don’t just create content. Have a plan, a goal and the results in mind. What are your content marketing goals? Which type of content do your customers want? You may ponder about all these in your head without actually getting anywhere. Guess what? A well-outlined content plan usually does the trick. We will help you develop one that gives a clear sense of direction and streamlines all your content marketing efforts.

Step 5: Linking strategy

With content in place, there is one thing you would agree with us that it’s a crucial piece in SEO – link building. There are inbound and outbound links. As much as you would only want to interlink pages on your website, don’t forget to acquire several backlinks, as well. They should be from reputable and authoritative sites, though. As your go-to SEO Agency in Manchester we have an established plan to acquire good backlinks for your site, since they are often challenging to get . Yes, we will help you build a domain authority using purely white-hat SEO techniques.

1. An in-depth site analysis

2. Technical SEO

3. Link Building

4. Keyword research

5. SEO reporting

6. Competitor analysis

1. An extensive SEO experience

We have amassed experience as a fast-growing SEO Agency in Manchester. We know all that it takes to rank a website, get leads, and grow your business. Having worked with companies in different industries, we know SEO delivers results to businesses in any niche you are in.

2. We guarantee a high ROI

The services we deliver are valuable to your business. Once your website begins to rank on the first page of Google, you will be getting a share of the organic 71% of all search engine traffic. There will be an increase in leads and conversions, as well. More sales equal business growth. And they will keep increasing as long as your website is live.

3. Effective workflow management

To ensure we streamline all SEO processes and communication between you and our robust SEO teams, we have developed a useful communication model. The end result is the alignment of your marketing goals with a winning SEO strategy, which places you ahead of your competitors.

4. Low investment cost

In the journey to the helm of digital marketing in Manchester, we needed to focus on one thing; delivering results to businesses. But as we did that, we also wanted to ensure that we don’t drain your marketing budget. Our services don’t break the bank. Besides, you will notice results after a few months.

Your business needs the right SEO framework. Don’t waste your hard-earned money on black hat SEO techniques, which can harm your site. We have the right solution for you in our Digital Marketing Agency in Manchester.