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Since 2018

About Us

Sevecta Media was founded by two resourceful university friends.?




After successfully scaling a coaching business whilst managing the marketing in house we looked to outsource the paid advertising. We were recommended a company and after 3 months with zero return the were shocked with the level of the service. This wasn’t a one off, the market was saturated with marketing agencies promising the world and that’s why Sevecta Media was born.

At the core of Sevecta Media lies INTEGRITY, we work with clients we know we can help and that’s why we take time to understand suer business through our assessment & discovery call process.?


After embarking on a new coaching business together, budgets were tight and so the pair unskilled themselves in web-design, sales pages, social media adverting and anything that was needed to drive the business forward.?As?they started serving more and more clients in the fitness industry, many of the same customers started asking for help with digital marketing and websites. Having created everything on their own from scratch, it was just a case of replicating the same for their clients. Following a spike in demand by more and more clients, they decided to hire a small team to absorb the workload and help more people build an awesome online presence.

Alex Povey


An avid reader of sales, marketing, self-development and business classics, Alex has spent the last decade learning from some of the best minds in modern business.


?I?m a strong believer that the company who brings the most value will stand the test of time. It?s not a matter of taking whatever you can get?It?s a case of finding ways to give more than was expected. I do this by thinking everyday?.what new information can I learn that is going to improve the quality of my clients business??

Alex graduated from Sheffield Hallam University with a regional award for the highest achieved Degree in Real Estate & Investment. He later went to work for one of Manchester?s most prominent sales forces, where he was coached in sales by the founder of Pareto Law, allowing him to succeed in product sales worth over ?11 million.

Following his career at Knight Knox, Alex was invited by David to help set up a brand new e-commerce business. Over the course of two years, the pair grew the company to six full-time staff turning over 7 figures in revenue.


David Crawford


Apple must be his favourite brand. David enjoys all the latest products, gadgets, systems and software that adds value and convenience to his life.

?I love technology and searching for the latest system that will improve the quality of our business and workflow. If I could attribute one major factor to the success and scalability of our past business, I would have to say it was down to the systems and automation that we deployed.?

David graduated alongside Alex in Sheffield and later went on to work for a top commercial investment firm in Manchester. During his time at Knight Frank, David was mentored by some of the best business professionals in the marketplace.

After honing his business and operational skills, David became the lead catalyst in starting their E-commerce business and would invite Alex to join him in the venture. David worked tirelessly to recruit a team, build out all the technology, optimise every process and allow the company to operate at the most optimal level, continually introducing new and improved systems.



Real People. Real Results