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Sevecta Media

Digital Marketing Agency


Standing out online is more important than ever, so it?s essential to choose a digital team that takes the time to understand your business and marketing objectives.?

Featured Services

We create services tailored to your needs and bring you into the 21st century?with modern techniques of digital marketing. We?specialise in marketing strategy, optimisation & execution across Facebook, Instagram & Google.?At Sevecta Media before driving traffic we start with the foundations, we work with you to understand the inner workings of your business, target market and core products to form a strategic marketing plan that delivers your desired result.

Facebook & Instagram Ads

Most marketing agencies are sadly still using archaic and ineffective marketing methods & metrics such as ?likes? and ?impressions?, we see it ALL the time when we do our complimentary marketing audits.?Our process is different and is driven by data & feedback to create profitable marketing campaigns that focus on leads, customers and sales.?Click the ??Marketing Assessment?? button below, If you would like a second pair of eyes to review your current marketing methods.

Google Ads

Google Ads has the power to increase the overall traffic to your website. Many businesses do not have the resources to navigate through confusing data analysis, potentially wasted costs and complicated account interfaces.?This is where we come in. We obsess about attention to detail, data analysis and the fast-moving science of turning online clicks into sales. But we also know that it is equally important to understand your business, think creatively; and to deliver clear reports and workable actions. Ultimately our work is focused on your results and your sustained success.

Website Optimisation

True website optimisation is a data-driven process. Before we run traffic we will provide a hypothesis for changes. Once we launch our marketing campaign we will advise on changes to the landing page from understanding the marketing feedback and data. The fact of the matter is, pushing more traffic at a website that doesn?t work for your potential customers is a waste of money. Traffic is good. Traffic that converts is better.


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